“The charges have been dropped…”

…is not what the commander of the submarine wants to hear.


Good morning from the towers that are A Word with You Press.  I have been out beheading the rent-dragon so that we can continue our missionary position: Putting Gravitas on a Lo-Carb Diet.  We will post a new contest today or tomorrow, but first I want to assure winners of our previous contest that their signed copies of the books they earned as finalists in The Third Annual Victor Villasenor First Sentence Contest are at my office, waiting only for me to persuade the guard cats (the Satikushes) that postage is more important than kitty food(What? you guys never heard of mice?)

And also awaiting postage is Michael Stang’s trophy for his October win of  “You Didn’t Write That”.  As you may recall, Mike lamented that he was always a bride’s maid, never a bride.  This should fix that:

So who’s the lucky guy?


So all ye who hunt and peck…sharpen your pointy fingers–a new contest is on the way.


Cheers and beers my dears!