“..or are you just glad to see me?”

We here at the towers that are A Word with You Press are always glad to see Monica Brinkman, seen here preparing for submission. (What!  CONTEST submission!)

Her contest entry makes me wish I was one of the girls.

A Girl’s Night Out

by Monica Brinkman

Figures he’d show up.

All I wished was a fun night out with the girls. Should have known he would track me down to the next county. Thought it would be a safe spot, this little hole in the wall tavern set back into the lush woods. Sara said he’d never find me here…so much for her advice.

I tried to avoid the stare cast my way. I’d seen it so many times before; the intensity bore into my soul and brought back a flood of painful memories. I glanced away feeling his eyes upon my every move.

Wasted my time and energy getting that Restraining Order; seems it provoked the madness. A rose left at my doorstep, hundreds of voice mails on my cell, seeing his car at every turn, and then came the threatening notes sent to my work, my home and now this.  Knew what I had to do when the thought occurred to me, I’ll just have to wing it.

I excused myself from the group, proceeded to the washroom, rinsed my face, and affectionately patted the bulge protruding from my skinny jean’s right pocket. Returning to the table, I told the girls I was tired and not ready for a night out; they understood.

As I exited the tavern, I felt his presence, so close it sent chills throughout my entire body.  I turned, faced him, took his hand and asked, “Want to go for a ride?”


Author, Radio Host,

Monica M Brinkman




Thanks Monica!  I encourage all of you reading this to 1) just say “No” if she ever offers you a ride, and 2) check out hers links!  And here she struts her stuff in the sleazy tavern of which she wrote!



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