Third Annual Editor-in-Chief (moi) Surprise Birthday Party and Wet T Shirt Contest!

How do I offend thee? Let me count the ways!  Come and get your piece of cake! (Don’t you just love layer cake?) The ten represents my emotional maturity level as of this writing.


Come help me celebate–oops!–CELEBRATE my birthday, this June 22nd, 4pm at the Rancho of Victor Villasenor and Barbara Villasenor, at the north end of Stewart St (1302) in Oceanside

BBQ and Pot Luck, BYOB, supplemented by burgers and beer.    Live and dead music, open mic! Street parking. The event is free but donations accepted for food and grog.

We will also use the occasion to announce the winner of our current contest Wingnuts 

We will set up skype or podcast for those of you across the country who want to say hi to the local literati that have made our playground so much fun.

Bring your favorite wet t shirt to be judged!  There will be pints of women and ale-ing men and naked beer. Dancing?  Who knows.  Live hip-hop bandA great chance to make friends and enemas!

This is an open event, meant to celebrate the joy the literary community has given me that last three years that A Word with You Press has had a clubhouse in Oceanside.  The Editor-in-Chief  (Moi–duh) departs for MOSCOW on June 25th, but will return to begin a road this summer with book signings and workshops and an attempt to meet everyone along the way who has been part of our cyber-community.

Please rsvp on FB which announces the event.  Donations accepted for the road trip to help keep Chevron and Mobil Oil solvent.

We will forever remember our mission statement “Putting Gravitas on a Lo Carb Diet”



where-DID-I-leave-my-fiddle-while the Towers-that-still-are-A-Word-with-You-Press-are-burning-in-chief


can you help with the event?  lemme know in the comment boxes below, or email me at