The editor-in-chief would like to have, well…a word with you.


Hello, and welcome to our site.

We are a small consortium of professional writers, artists and editors dedicated to making and filling space on oak bookshelves, the kind you might find in a room with a fireplace and a well-worn easy chair.

Before we were publishers, we were readers, drawn to the notion that there is nothing more beautiful than the written word, and nothing more powerful than a story well told.

If you find yourself nodding your head in agreement, check out our blog before you slide out of your wellingtons and pet the golden retriever sidled up to you. After you’ve had aramble through our site, pour yourself a bourbon, or maybe some tea. Pick up one of our books and throw another log on the fire.

We have stories to tell!


Thornton Sully

(P.S.–that handsome lad staring at you with brush in hand is our founding father, Thomas Sully. (Self portrait, 1837)

That handsome lad in the torn hat is the portrait he painted of his son (1820), the novel is written by his great great grandson (me, 2010) and the very website you are reading now was built by his great, great, great grandson (my son, Morgan Sully).

For $20 you can give the boy a home–your own.

The lithograph of Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill you’ll be returning to the family is from the portrait painted by Thomas Sully.  Are you seeing a pattern here?

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