Our Team

You have found us out!  Like the Wizard of Oz, we’re the ones fooling about behind the curtain, pressing buttons, pulling levers, and generally wreaking havoc.  We wish you’d pay no attention to us, but since you’re on our staff page, we’ll oblige you with our names, pictures, e-mail addresses and a bit of background information.  In no particular order, we are:

  • Thornton Sully, Editor-in-Disbelief / admin@awordwithyoupress.com
  • Derek Thompson, Consultant Dude and British genius loci / derek@awordwithyoupress.com
  • Morgan Sully, Web Designer and Site Engineer in Charge of German Beer / morgan@awordwithyoupress.com
  • Teri Rider, Book & Cover Designer and Chief Illustrator (Designing Woman) / trider@awordwithyoupress.com
  • Ruth Joyce, Personal Assistant to Wuss’n’Boots / ruth@ruthjoyce.co.uk
  • Diana Diehl, Technical Director and all things that Sparkle / diana@awordwithyoupress.com
  • Gary Clark, Castrater of Texas Bulls-in-Chief and Castrater of Bull on line

Editor-in-Chief Thornton Sully has Jack Londoned his way across the globe sleeping with whatever country would have him, and picking up stray stories along with way.  A litter of dog-eared passports that have taken up residence in his sock drawer are a constant temptation, but, as the founder in 2009 of A Word with You Press, dedicated to publishing and purveying fine stories, it’s not likely he will stray too far from our new clubhouse in Moscow, Idaho.  He is the author of three novels and is on call to review books for The San Diego Union Tribune.




Web Designer and Site Engineer Morgan Sully is a non-profit technologist, entrepreneur and avid traveler.  Aside from helping people use technology for the creative good where ever he goes, Morgan builds and maintains websites like the one you are on right now. When not dreaming up new ways to connect and engage audiences online, Morgan can be found composing and performing original electronic music.  Morgan is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz, and at the moment is staggering in his father’s footsteps in Berlin More about Morgan can be found at this link. Morgan is an administrator-in-residence at Agora Community ShareSpace in Berlin.



Teri Rider and friendBook & Cover Designer and Chief Illustrator Teri Rider acquired her love of art at an early age and it evolved into a business she is passionate about. Her career began as a fine artist, selling her work in galleries and taking a few illustration jobs along the way. She discovered her love of publishing when she began illustrating for a well-known publisher of special education material, and authored, illustrated, and collaborated on more than 100 books during her employment there. She now owns her own graphic design studio where she offers services to authors as they self-publish their works. Her primary interests are illustrating children’s and young adult books and book design for all genres.

She lives in Vista, California, with her husband and menagerie of dogs, cats, and exotic birds.


Director of Project Development Derek Thompson is a freelance writer of many different things, sometimes all in the same afternoon – it’s like trying to lasso raindrops with yarn. He has writing credits for newspaper, magazine, radio, live performance and the internet. His novels, like many of his stories, touch upon the universal themes of truth, death and loss. But he also knows a few knock-knock jokes (as well as stronger material). He enjoys writing (natch), mythology, ambiguity and trees. You can never have too many trees – they’re like socks for the planet. Derek likes his humour dark, his writing devoured and, somewhat rebelliously, his coffee cup filled with peppermint tea.

Derek is the birthing partner of The Coffee Shop Chronicles and future A Word with You Press anthologies, helping to bring them into print and distribution.  Even now he is standing by with plenty of towels and hot water (he doesn’t know why but he saw that in a movie one time). He works with Thorn to create a thriving community beyond our website, to spread the word about our words.  If you’ve got a question about publication dates and book availability, Derek’s your man.  Plus, he’s got extra towels.


Ruth Joyce, Personal Assistant to Wuss’n’Boots (a regular cartoon feature startedJune 27th of 2010 was discovered by Wuss and Boots in 1998.  Realizing they lacked any sort of aesthetic appeal (the boys are honest:  they were a bit of a mess back then), they thought they’d hire this clearly-awesome-frizzy-haired-gap-toothed-drama-queen of a child. The fact that she was only 10 years old made it tricky; as Ruth says, “I was still, pretty much, an idiot.” Thankfully, Wuss’n’Boots have put up with her through the intervening 12 years, rolling their eyes frequently during a period of teenage angst when her hair turned red and she rebelled by…doing consistently well at school.

With quite a lot of art exhibitions under Ruth’s belt – including a recent showing in Melbourne, Australia – she’s made a name for herself with streetwise and free-spirited works spilling over with motion and emotion.  She confesses, however, that Wuss and Boots are the only boys she’ll ever truly love.  Want to know more?  Visit Ruth at www.ruthjoyce.co.uk.  Visit Wuss’n’Boots every week on our site, and ask them everything you ever wanted to know about your kitties, but were afraid to ask.  They will dispense sound advice.


Diana, business incarnationTechnical Director Diana Diehl soothes the pathological fear of things technological for some of us on staff whilst working on webby tasks.  She believes it’s a good idea to reinvent yourself frequently. Although physics was her first love in college, she worked on a breeding program for giant endangered toads, created Rent-a-Fish, an aquarium leasing program for college students, practiced veterinary medicine on anything that would hold still long enough (ask her about piranha surgery and moray eel rehab). When the computer bug hit, she installed networks and hard drives, provided support, created databases, designed graphics, and Web sites, and wrote documentation for supercomputers.

Somewhere in between, she edited children’s books, played Lara Croft look-alike, learned to weld, and attempted to travel the timestream.  And she loves to write. Most recently, she is consumed with authoring a screenplay for a feature-length science fiction movie, White Storm.Through all the twists and turns of time, a deep and compelling love of words and their ability to reveal, entertain, and elevate the human spirit has endured and found a cozy haven here at A Word with You Press.


Gary Clark

Don’t forget to ask about Grandma

Humorless–OOPS!–Humorist Gary L. Clark lives by the motto “Write like no one will ever read it.” Gary is a member of the Writer’s League of Texas and San Gabriel Writer’s League. He has a B.A. in Psychology and a couple of degrees in some other stuff too. His first two novels, For Rose and Dance of the Bull Rider received rave rejections from agents coast to coa–oh wait!  NEWS FLASH!  Dance of the Bull Rider has been published by a major publisher which  is NOT A Word with You Press. His new novel-in-progress is The Last Mesquite Twig. His chapbook, Whose Problem is it Anyway, was written as a companion to his Stress Management Seminars. A wise, empathetic cat is the thread that weaves the stories together and each story represents one of the cat’s nine lives. He’s been known to tell a wild tale or two, so if you’re ever down in central Texas, stop by and he’ll give y’all a ride in his ol’ truck, Sparky. Don’t forget to inquire into Grandma’s well-bein’.