A Word with You Press Contests

At Last!  A way to make Friends, Money, Win Inappropriate Trophies & Stuff, and have a Love Life with any of your Favorite Genders: ENTER OUR CONTESTS!

Some of our contests are fun and easy, some require thought and hard work, but all will improve your skills as a writer and allow feedback from kindled–oops!–KINDRED spirits.

Some contests have exact specifications regarding content and word-count; others have wider parameters.  All of them require your imagination on fire–and to write to a specific prompt.

Winners are richly or amusingly rewarded. We’ve given away Barnes and Noble Nooks, trophies, books, cash and gift cards, and the right to name the editor-in-chief’s next born out-of-wedlock-child.  Prizes vary according to the contest, the imagination of the editor-in-chief, and the Dow Jones average.

And don’t forget the bragging rights!

When you submit (ahhh! submission!) you are giving us the one time right to publish your story on line and /or as hard copy, after which all rights revert back to the author.

All contest entries must be sent as a separate MS Word attachment (.doc, .docx., or .rtf) in double-spaced, 12-point font; each page must contain the author’s name and contact information (including email address, which will not be published).

Contests are free to enter; all we ask is that you encourage your friends to post comments on your pieces, as well as on the submissions of other authors.

So easy, even a cave man . . .

Here are some easy ways to find our contest information:

  1. Go to the Contests tab from our main navigation (that takes you to this page) or to one of the child menu options, which will take you to current and past posts about contests or to our contest summary page.
  2. Use the Categories side bar to find particular contests
  3. Search on contest keywords or on “contest” from the side bar
  4. Click on the Contest tag in our tag cloud on pages where that’s visible

Due to our unfortunate site hackage in 2012, we started our contest fresh. Contests prior to our site reboot are unavailable due to corruption of our archive.  Please accept our sincere apologies.