Inside every great writer lives a great reader, inspired by the beauty of words and the power of a well-told story. That’s why we’re delighted you’ve found our Publications page – because these are the stories of which A Word with You Press is particularly proud, and we’re offering them here because we think you’ll find they’re particularly worth reading.  Please visit our store to purchase one – or many! – of these fine volumes:

  • The Coffee Shop Chronicles, Vol. 1:  Oh, the Places I Have Bean! – 100 short stories, essays and poems about coffee, carefully selected from the entries to our inaugural writing competition, The Coffee Shop Chronicles
  • The Boy with a Torn Hat by Thornton Sully – a frothy romp through 1970s Heidelberg, a moving journey of self-discovery for a lovelorn young artist, and a tribute to the transformative power of friendship
  • Visiting Angels, Home Devils: a Discussion Guide for Couples – friendly and useful prompts and observations for couples wanting to enhance their relationships, with or without the help of a counselor; provided by Dr. Don Hanley, the gentleman psychologist
  • Bounce by Jonathan Freedman – an adult fable that inspires young people to believe that one person can really change the world and that heroes come in all shapes and sizes.
  • The Truck and Other Twisted Tales by Ron Hatham – If you enjoy a good scare, cozy up to the fire on a nice, dark night and enjoy this collection of twisted and terrifying tales populated by ghosts, serial killers, and assorted other denizens of the dark
  • Angus MacDream and the Roktopus Rogue
    Author: Isabelle Rooney-Freedman; Illustrator: Teri Rider; Welcome to the coast of Scotland and the magical Snugglay Islands, which are far from snug. Angus acDream must save the world from Murky Harry and his minions wo have entered the real world through a flaw in cyberspace. For ages 7-12 or anyone who enjoys a good adventure. Paperback; 185 pp.
  • The Wanderer by Derek Thompson – The first in a series of poignant vignettes that offer a quit reflection from an author’s heart. Each story from our magical realism library is selected only if the silken words spiral together in a braid that binds us to a power greater than ourselves. 11 pp.