The Bastille has been stormed!

Much to the chagrin of the gendarme, writers and novelists held in the donjons of traditional publishing houses have broken free, are flooding the streets and are ordering their first pint.  We are in that number, bellied up to the bar, and shamelessly pimping. The new reality is anybody can publish…but not everybody can write.

But everybody can improve.  So where can we help?

Reviews, Editing, Publishing, Layout

If you have had no success getting an established publishing house to take you on board, don’t assume it’s proof you’re a misunderstood genius. Maybe you need an editor? Clarity matters.

A Word with You Press accepts a limited number of submissions of literary fiction each month for review, pro bono. Send us your best chapter, or twenty pages, and we will tell you what we think, and encourage you to write.  Your work will be read by at least three professionals.

If by mutual accord we agree that your work has merit and your story could benefit from editorship, we’ll propose a fee based upon the degree of our involvement, either as your editor, publishing consultant, or both.  We may refer exceptional work to agents and publishers within our fiefdom, or make the case that you should self-publish, or publish under our banner.

Have you got a story to tell?  Let’s hear it.

Or, if you are in need of a good read, you can sample and then buy our own titles directly from us, or check out published reviews of other authors, available for purchase through your regular sources or, (our favorite) your local, independent bookstore.  And while you’re here, ramble over to Significant Others page and see what they have to offer.


Thornton Sully

(I’m the one on the left)