Book Publishing

Have a manuscript ready to test the waters?  Considered self-publishing as an alternative?


A Word with You Press offers a manageable, straight-forward way to get your work out there, combining the best elements of traditional publishing with the new reality of publishing ushered in by technology.

We charge a fixed fee: $400, and you get all other services required to get you into print at cost.

We have working relationships with professionals in all the disciplines required to get your book to print. More than a referral service, we work side by side with the designers, artists, illustrators, editors (in multiple genres) and proof readers who may become involved with your project, often in our Oceanside office.

And now, for the first time, we offer distribution services as well.


For a full list of our additional editorial services and fees, tell us about your project.


Send an inquiry to, attn: Derek or Thorn